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Diving into an industry that has already invented the wheel is like swimming upstream. The threshold for success can be set quite low, especially when the business is competing against others that are already excelling. That is Dean O’Brien’s story.

After amassing a foundation of experience in real estate, Dean decided to start O’Brien Real Estate in 2010 with a focus on incorporated family values, mutuality, realizing potential, embracing change and nurturing health and energy.

His aim has always been to be of service to both his staff and his clients. By fostering growth in his own staff and offering them all the guidance they require as professionals, their clients are guaranteed the best property match with the best customer service possible. This culture is something Dean works on everyday - it's what gets him out of bed in the morning - and his attention to detail and ability to work with people on an individual basis creates a culture where success is maximised.

Despite running his business, Dean is still emphatic about providing excellent customer service himself, with an uncanny ability to match his own clients with most suitable properties for their individual requirements.

Those who hear him speak can expect to learn about leadership, business growth and how to create an environment for staff and clients that fosters excellence in any industry. If you’re in the real estate industry and are looking for a tips to improve your business, Dean is the one to listen for.

We’re stoked to hear from Dean O’Brien as an industry professional that shot up to success and made his seemingly impossible goal of starting a business in a saturated industry, possible.

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