What's the difference between a Hot Desk & a Dedicated Desk?


Meet Sophie.

Sophie is a financial consultant that’s always had a passion for naturopathy and massage therapy. Six months ago, she started a business in her passion doing appointments and meeting clients to consult on their diets and provide massages. All her work is done after regular business hours when she’s finished at her full-time job and when her clients have finished work too.

Since her business is still in its infancy, she takes appointments that suit her schedule and spends the weekends nutting out her website, posting on social media, responding to client emails, collecting invoices, working on branding and any other back-end work her business needs to be successful. She used to do this all at home but found that she wasn’t as productive as she wanted to be, choosing to snack, clean and invite friends over instead. So,

Sophie signed up for a hot desk.

Now, with her hot desk membership, Sophie can take advantage of virtually any place in her coworking space to work from for a self-monitored 60 hours per-month. Since she works seven to eight hours each weekend day, she finds the hot desk hours are plenty. Almost all her work is on her laptop too, so moving from hot desk to hot desk on different days is easy for her.

Lastly, she finds the cost works best for her at the hot desk level of membership. Since a hot desk only costs $279/month, she can save all the money she would have spent on an office and reinvest that into her business which she hopes to grow enough to fund a permanent base of operations. A hot desk was the perfect fit for Sophie. It may not be the perfect fit for everyone, though.


Meet Quai.

Quai launched his shoe sale business four years ago working from a hot desk. It used to be a part-time endeavour that he devoted 3 days a week to while he also worked part-time in hospitality. Since then, he has made some good decisions that are earning him enough to upgrade from the hot desk and work on his business full-time.

Having secured manufacturing and distribution and automating the process, most of his work is done behind his laptop and extra screen. He works on new designs, accepts invoices, plans his growth, responds to clients and liaises with his manufacturer and distributor. Since he’s at his coworking space full-time and can’t afford to move his work (extra screen, designs, documents, etc.), he requires a permanent space he can guarantee every day of the week. So,

Quai signed up for a dedicated desk.

With his dedicated desk membership, Quai has been able to work on the steady growth of his business while taking advantage of the meeting rooms he also has access to for his discounted member rate. This is where he greets representatives from his manufacturer or distributor, as well as meeting with big clients and designers. He utilises a mix of small meeting rooms, to large meeting rooms, to boardrooms.

Lastly, despite being able to move into an office like his counterparts, Quai finds that he just doesn’t need more space than he has. So, he saves a lot of money by paying just $649/month. A dedicated desk and meeting room combination is perfect for Quai, but it wouldn’t be perfect for Sophie.

Both Sophie and Quai chose coworking for similar reasons, despite their business circumstances. Sophie loves being able to work in fresh new places every day. Although Quai has his own dedicated desk, he does enjoy the ability to hot desk occasionally when he’s looking for inspiration in a new environment. Both Sophie and Quai find that the tight-knit community in their coworking space allows them to expand their network and spread their business through the potential clients sitting right next to them. Also, since their coworking space offers all the amenities they need like breakout areas, a kitchen, printing, service staff and high-speed internet (to name a few) they find it’s more convenient than an empty office space.

Furthermore, they love the collaborative nature of coworking, allowing them to find the help they need in coworking business owners while they repay favors with services of their own. The multi-directional flow of information allows all parties involved to succeed together and share that end result. Lastly, with Community events being regularly hosted, they enjoy the opportunity to leave their desks and mingle with their peers over good food, cold drinks or live music.


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