Let Co-Working Work For You

Co-working spaces have become the latest trend in workplaces and there’s a good reason why. Unlike traditional offices, co-working spaces usually consist of members from a variety of personal ventures and career outlooks. These shared workspaces offer start-ups, freelancers, small teams and budding entrepreneurs a place to collaboratively work alongside one another.

A great co-working space will feel like a community. It will be filled with like-minded individuals that feel inspired and supported by the members alongside them. As well as offering a sought-after work/life balance, co-working spaces have proven to be beneficial in providing flexibility and ensure that no two work days look the same. So why should you invest in co-working?

The need for a co-working space varies for everyone. Some people opt for a shared working space to escape the distractions they are usually faced with at home or in a public working space, while others like the professional appeal it presents to their clients. It can be too easy to get distracted in a café or stuck in the same routine when you’re working from home, but that is not something you have to worry about in a shared work space.

What is Co-Working?

When people think of co-working the first thing they imagine is a traditional office cubicle with little interaction with anyone but the computer in front of them, but co-working spaces have come a long way since then. While the amenities offered within each space varies, Waterman features include kitchens, unlimited ultra-fast internet and coffee stations as well as 24/7 access to extras such as different working spaces, meeting rooms, lounges and even a gym. Residents are also free to use the business address and can select an optional mailbox.

For businesses just starting out, co-working spaces mean you don’t have to compromise on features. Membership fees vary on the space you opt for, but the flexibility of co-working spaces means that when you outgrow your desk, you can move straight into your own leased office without hassle. Typically, in prime locations, these spaces are designed with functionality in mind and mean there is no need for members to fuss over purchasing unnecessary office equipment like printers or pay for other operating costs such as service fees and maintenance.

Benefits of Co-Working

While the inclusions you get from a co-working space are great, the real features are the benefits you get beyond the space you are paying for. Co-working spaces are designed to maximise productivity. Being surrounded by enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals increases your personal output while offering unique opportunities every day to get to know the goal oriented individuals around you. Co-working creates a sense of community and helps combat the isolation that often comes with working alone. Interactions with others, whether it be a quick hello at the coffee machine or simply a smile in the hallway, help create a happier and healthier work life and should not be taken for granted. These spaces are designed to foster collaboration, such as the frequent events held at Waterman for members to not only work together but take some time out to get to know others in the space.

Co-working is a no-brainer if you’re looking to enjoy the flexibility of a personal work space without comprising the chance to collaborate and work with others. With a constant feeling of being part of a community, co-working will see you working more productively while expanding your professional network.

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