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Starting a business is hard enough. Starting one with no background in the industry is harder still. Starting one with no background in an industry that’s clearly declining – that’s impossible.

Lisa Messenger decided to launch Collective Hub in 2013 as a print magazine in an era when attentions were shortening, and text was found mostly online. It didn’t stop her. Lisa is now the proud Founder/CEO of an international multimedia business and lifestyle platform that spans across print, digital, events and more recently, coworking spaces.

With a rich background in public speaking and multimedia, Lisa is no stranger to experience. Having traveled all over the world and being engaged to speak for global icons like IBM, L’Oreal, Facebook and McDonald’s, not to mention headlining events like the National Achiever’s Congress and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, it’s clear that her knowledge and personality make her a sought-after educator. Additionally, co-chairing the Virgin Way panel with Sir Richard Branson and speaking at the global media conference FIPP in London are both testaments to her prowess in the global media and business game.

However, further to her excellence in speaking globally, Lisa’s authoring acumen has resulted in contributions to the Huffington Post, Forbes and many more. Meanwhile, she has helped in the publishing of over 400 books for companies and individuals, and her own works have landed her the title “best-seller” three times.

Lisa’s passion for corporate and start-up disruption make her keen to take people out of their comfort zones and show them there’s more than one way to do everything if one can employ a little creativity. Listeners to her speeches should expect minds blown, some lateral thinking and many epiphanies. If you’re looking for an inspirational story about beating the odds and succeeding or if you’re in the multimedia industry, Lisa is a professional you don’t want to miss out on hearing from.

We’re so excited to have Lisa on board showing us all how she has made, and how you can make, the impossible, possible.

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