Meet Our Members: WLKR Digital


Tell us a brief history of how WLKR Digital started, and how you have got the business to where it is today?

I started the business around 8 years ago whilst still in uni after almost falling into it through a fantastic social media internship. At that point, social channels had only just started to take off and there was no such thing as a digital agency. I had people approaching me off the back of my internship where I made a lot of great connections and it really just snowballed from there. After completing my degree, I was able to go full time.

My approach to grow has been careful and considered. It’s never been about increasing revenue or team members quickly - I love what I do, I love my clients and each time I’ve expanded service offerings or my team, it’s because I know there’s a genuine need for it. Surrounding myself with incredible mentors and having a top notch accountant from day one has also worked wonders.


What have been some of your biggest highlights since starting WLKR Digital?

I think hiring your first team member is a huge milestone for any business owner. I found running my first workshop incredibly rewarding because it was outside of my comfort zone but really acted a launching pad for me. 

To be honest I get the biggest kick out of positive feedback from clients and there’s been many instances now where I know WLKR has had an instrumental role in launching or growing another business. 

Landing Lindt as our first global client and then being approached off the back of that by the likes of Peter’s Icecream has to be a highlight of 2019 so far!


As a business owner, what keeps you motivated on the off days?

I’ve never found motivation a struggle - I’m an extremely driven person and there’s nothing more rewarding to me than setting my sites on something and then working my butt off to get there. Having an amazing team and being part of a community of other business owners who I now call close friends just makes it that much better.


We all know that business owners rarely switch off, what keeps you sane in your down time?

Any opportunity to hike somewhere new or get away for the weekend is my idea of bliss. Surround me with animals and then give me a tricky recipe to cook and a great book… heaven. 

I’ve learnt to really prioritise mental health and wellbeing and as anyone close to me would know I cannot say enough good things about how it’s helped me cope with the stress and pressure of being in business. I’ve made short meditation sessions using the Calm app part of my routine.


What do you see for the future of social media? Where is it going? What should we be doing now?

The word that comes straight to mind is video! A Facebook Exec has predicted that our feed will comprise entirely of video content by 2021 so the time to jump aboard that train is now. I think IGTV is on the way to having its moment for longer form videos too.

I can’t see influencers going anywhere soon so particularly for product based business, consider how this might fit into your future marketing plan. 

There is less and less room for average content so those pages will be pushed out as viewers engagement continues to fall. Either step it up or let someone else do it for you.


For those running their business's digital marketing in-house, what would your absolute #1 piece of advice be?

Every time you post (whether that be to social media, a blog or sending an eDM), ask yourself: Does this add value for my target market? Is this reflective of my brand and what I want it to represent? Quality over quantity, always!


When is it time for a business to hire a marketer or look into outsourcing?

We tend to get clients for one of two reasons: They don’t know how to market properly and have no interest in doing it so are happy to hand it over to people who live for it, or, they’ve simply become too time poor as their business grows and need to outsource it for that reason.

The huge pro to outsourcing is that you have a team of marketers at your fingertips often for the same price as one in-house marketing employee. What’s more efficient? 

For me, it’s been paramount to acknowledge the areas of business that are my weakness and pass those tasks on to people who can fill the gaps much more effectively. I think marketing tends to be something a lot of people want to hang on to because it can be fun and it’s feels very personal (especially to small business owners) but can you honestly say it’s something you excel at? Is it doing your business justice?

Lastly, keep in mind that you don’t have to go from zero to hero. Whilst outsourcing your digital marketing work and having someone manage the whole shebang for you is a great goal to aim for, we offer workshops and consults for those businesses who aren’t quite there yet too. 


WLKR Digital are offering complimentary digital marketing audits for Waterman members. Email to find out more.

You can find Victoria and the WLKR Digital team at our Chadstone space, or check out their website here!


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