Here’s why co-working spaces are ideal for Melbourne freelancers

The gig economy is on the rise and so it only makes sense that co-working spaces are growing in popularity as a result. Freelancers and contractors are flocking to large shared office spaces, and there’s some good reasons why.

Co-working spaces can be extremely cost-savvy, practical and offer a range of benefits such as networking opportunities and being part of a like-minded community.  Plus, working in a professional environment is great for switching gears from home mode to work mode and turning up the concentration.

Sure, it may seem tempting for those not tied to being in a company office to remain in pjs the entire day but working from home can be incredibly detrimental to your productivity. It can be distracting, lonely and demotivating. Luckily, co-working spaces offer the solution to these pitfalls. They offer a community to work within, an opportunity to beat loneliness of working alone, a physical space to motivate and inspire and a space to separate work from play.

Here’s why co-working may just be the key to your freelancer success!

Part of a community

The co-working hub, Waterman Business Centre recently conducted a survey with its tenants at all three of their locations, Chadstone, Caribbean Park and Narre Warren. Results in this showed that the sense of community created was a main reason their tenants stayed around.

The average working week in Australia is 38 hours per week - needless to say a significant amount of our lives is spent working. It goes without saying that our overall wellbeing is affected by our overall happiness at work. Those as part of a community, feel a sense of belonging and interconnectedness which affects their positivity and overall wellbeing. And happy and healthier people make for more efficient, productive workers.

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Physical space to motivate and inspire

Work environments inspire those within them to actually do their work, as they are free from distractions of the home and domestic chores. Self-discipline is a great skill to learn and train but there’s already a lot on your plate when you’re freelancing, so moving to a space such as a co-working environment, removes this obstacle, allowing you to focus.

At home, if they floor is looking a little shabby, it’s tempting to put work on hold and get out the vacuum. Then once that’s done, you notice the book shelves could use a do-over and the bathroom could use a scrub. Before you know it, the house is spotless, but the day’s work has barely been touched. Self-discipline is a hard skill to master and can be much easier to tackle in an office environment, with others doing the same challenge as you are.

A physical space dedicated to work, as opposed to one’s couch or a home office only a room away from the fridge and tv, helps switch gears into work mode. Co-working spaces, which can be accessed from as little as $30 per month with a membership, can offer a physical environment to motivate, inspire and spark the working day of those in the gig economy.

Separate work from play

If you struggle separating work from play, co-working spaces may be your answer. Not only do they remove distractions, like mentioned above, they also provide a designated space to work and a designated space to relax. This one, helps cement a routine, which is great for productivity. And two, creates a healthy amount of work-life balance.

When you’re in the office, switch into work mode, when you’re at home, you can completely unwind and not think about emails or meetings until you’re back in the co-working office space.


In terms of networking, co-working spaces are great for freelancers on two counts.

One, getting work. There’s a reason ‘networking’ has recently become a buzzword over the past decade. With the gig economy growing and who you know being more important than ever, networking creates work opportunities. Those within co-working spaces are bound to interact, and with that, relationships form, and an increase of work opportunities often present themselves through forging these contacts. As those who freelance or contract would know the value of these opportunities.

Two, getting ideas and inspiration. When you share space with like-minded individuals, you’re surrounded by those who are on your level and constantly fuel your inspiration and idea tank. Make writers block a thing of the past!

In a recent survey of Waterman Business Centre tenants, 30% of people who had recently joined said they saw business growth as a direct result of the move to a Waterman co-working space.


There are many benefits of co-working spaces for freelancers and contractors. No longer do those who subscribe to the gig economy need to work from the depths of their bedroom or in an overcrowded coffee shop.

If you’re a freelancer, co-working office space may just be the key to success!

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