Why co-working spaces keep you motivated

Being an entrepreneur is extremely rewarding and comes with an array of benefits and pleasures. But sometimes it’s hard. And the odds aren’t always in your favour. Did you know 2 out of 3 start-ups fail? That can be pretty demotivating to read – but you started your business for a reason, right? And that reason is worth staying motivated for.

As it turns out, co-working spaces can be incredibly effective in keeping you motivated and keeping your fire alive. It’s a perfect environment to get you driven! From surrounding yourself with like-minded people to hunting new opportunities and getting you into a routine, co-working spaces will get you motivated and keep you that way!

Take a read below and get ready to climb the hill you’re on. The top is worth it, we promise.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

No one understands what you’re going through better than those actually going through it too. These people are your fellow entrepreneurs and you’ll find this ambitious lot at various coffee shops fuelling up on caffeine and co-working spaces such as the Waterman Business Centres in Melbourne.

You may not want to go up to a stranger working on their laptop and sipping a latte just for a chat, but in co-working spaces, you won’t be able to help interacting with other entrepreneurs. You’ll run into them in the bathroom, in the line for coffee, and at hot desks and break-out areas wherever you look.

Talking with other entrepreneurs can remind you why you got into the business in the first place, give you tips on how to push through, talk about their own experiences and steer you back on track towards your dreams, simply by reminding you of them.

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Hunt new opportunities

For fire, you need sparks. If you need some kindling, you need some new opportunities or endeavours.

Nothing will motivate you more than new opportunities to do business. These will look different depending on what your business is but it could be new contacts, new channels to get your product or service in front of your audience, new forms of marketing or new partnerships.

Co-working office spaces are teeming with entrepreneurs and like-minded people who bring with them, endless opportunities for your business too. When you’re in line for a latte at the office café, get talking to those around you! You may just make a new deal that’ll take you from drab to fab! 

Get into a routine

Routines may seem a little boring, but they can be a good source of motivation. Slumps in business can often come from stress or when you’re lost in your work load. But subscribing to a co-working space will help you break out of this.

If you’re working from home, this can be especially true as your work and play environments are hard to separate and the couch looks mighty tempting. When you joining a co-working space, it will get you in the habit of leaving your house every morning and consciously separating your work and home life.

Motivational activities and events

If you’re having trouble lighting your fire from within, let someone else do it for you. Business talks, events and activities are a regular component of co-working spaces and are a great way to get a huge injection of motivation and inspiration.

For example, at Waterman Business Centre, as part of their $30 membership, members are granted access to their community events. These include the likes of Friday night drinks and table tennis but also ‘lunch and learns’, business talks, seminars and workshops designed especially for entrepreneurs.

Recently at Waterman Business Centre’s Chadstone location there was a Business Chicks Social Community workshop. Small business owners and their employees flocked to hear an expert give insight into how to run social media platforms and develop engaging content to stop their consumers in their tracks. Everyone left Waterman that night bright-eyed, motivated and inspired. If any of them were in a slump when they entered, they didn’t look like it when they left! 


When you own or run a business, slumps happen. They may be inevitably but they’re certainly not permanent. There are plenty of ways to relight your fire. Surround yourself with like-minded people, look for new opportunities, get into a solid routine, go to a workshop and give yourself rewards. You’re in business for a reason and it’s worth pushing through the hard times to stay motivated in order to reach your success.

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